Bill Frost - City Council Candidate 2021




BILL Frost?

Bill was born and raised in Essex in England. He came to Cincinnati as an Engineer in 1988, and became a citizen of the United States in 1995.


His volunteering for his community started with his re-organizing his street Blockwatch. Bill then became VP of Safety for Pleasant Ridge Community Council, and then held the role of President for 5+ years. He remains the chair of the neighborhood Safety Committee.


During his time with PRCC, there was a period of significant economic growth in Pleasant Ridge after many years of hard work by the Pleasant Ridge Development Corporation. This growth required improved engagement between the Community Council, Cincinnati Council and City Management.  Bill and his team improved these relationships, with particular focus on community safety.


The Pleasant Ridge community safety efforts included: the strengthening of the partnership with CPD, organizing and increasing the Community Blockwatch and strengthening COPP (Citizens on Patrol) and ‘Good Guys Loitering’ activities to complement CPD efforts. This partnership and activity have contributed to Pleasant Ridge being one of the large city neighborhoods with lower crime rates. This in turn has helped the Business District thrive, and the residential streets safety has significantly improved.


Bill is a Board-member of the Charter Committee of Greater Cincinnati. He believes that it is vital to improve the efficiency of City Council, and City Management. He believes that the best solution to the city’s problems come from a dedication to doing what is best for the city, no matter who comes up with the solution.


There is no "Republican or Democratic" way to fill a pothole, no "Democratic or Republican" way to recruit business to the City of Cincinnati. Bill Frost believes that Cincinnati's government should be free of partisan politics, and should be led by individuals committed to the city, not the fortunes of their party or their budding political careers. 


Bill’s technical leadership experience in his professional life, and his volunteer work for his local community, together brought him to his belief in the people of Cincinnati. Working for the residents and businesses of Pleasant Ridge has led to Bill’s taking up the 2021 challenge to work to help all of the city.


Bill is a member of the Board of the Charter Committee of Greater Cincinnati and, if elected, plans to remain committed to the proven Charter Committee model of city-centered decision making.






Re-established the engagement of residents and businesses in the day-to-day and strategic management of Pleasant Ridge.

Organized, networked, and managed Pleasant Ridge Community with a focus on Safety - now the lowest crime rate of the large City Neighborhoods.

Built partnerships with City Council members and committees to leverage City Management and Law Enforcement in local housing and quality of life issues.

Multiple best practices in Pleasant Ridge reactions to key City Issues.(like ‘Central Corridor Pipeline Project’, ‘City Pedestrian Safety’ and ‘Rogue Landlord/Nuisance Property’ issues)




6326 Grand Vista Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45213

Tel: 513.456.1003

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