Bill's Platform

Working for the city. Supporting the residents, neighborhoods and businesses that together make Cincinnati the great city it is and the future city we can all be proud of.

  • Every candidate talks about ‘neighborhoods’ during the election process. The reality is that few are as engaged in the day to day issues in the neighborhoods as they promise, and in many cases, the local Neighborhood leadership team is not organized in a way that helps this partnership even start. 

  • This is being worked by the city, but it needs to be at the center of City Council efforts. The city and neighborhood councils need to represent everyone. The City residents, and the businesses and their customers and employees, all rely on the city to work for them.

  • Decisions that are made for both the current City of Cincinnati and the future City of Cincinnati are needed. Leadership that is not engaged in ‘point-scoring’ politics but is engaged in city-centric policy making and execution will help us build the next 200+ years of Cincinnati by building on what Cincinnati is and always has been - a great place to live, and a great place to work, home for great people, led by great people.

Improve the effectiveness of the relationships between City Council, and City Management, City Neighborhoods and City Businesses.

  • The day to day running of the City of Cincinnati requires the effective, efficient, and equitable working of not only the Mayor and City Council, but also the City Management & Departments, and the local leadership in each of the 52 city neighborhoods. These teams need to be the best they can be, and the interactions between them needs to be perfect. 

  • Too often, the hard work of one of these groups is nullified by a ‘dropped ball’ or a mis-communication by or between the others. With the communication tools available to us, and the clear majority of us residents, and the great businesses, and experienced city management, who work hard every day to do the right thing ... we should expect better. 

  • Recently, the reaction to any failure in our city has been personal attacks on one person or the next. We need to look at the processes. They are broken. History shows that 99 times out of 100 the root of a problem is in the system itself. The knee-jerk blame-game damages good people, and leaves the real problem in place. This needs to stop.


Always searching for and supporting the best solution to the city’s problem, no matter who comes up with the solution.

  • Since the end of his time as Community Council President, Bill has spent time looking to understand and improve how to fully engage ALL of the city in developing solutions and making the decisions that affect all of us who live and work in Cincinnati. One outcome of this quest was in Bill’s election to the Board of The Charter Committee of Greater Cincinnati with whose principles Bill is 100% aligned....

    • Principles of the Charter Committee of Greater Cincinnati

      • Independence 

      • Accountability

      • Transparency

      • Fiscal Responsibility

      • Regional Co-operation 

      • Equity

      • Continuous Improvement 

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